Child Labor Legislation in Iowa, 1914

(1914) Child Labor Legislation in Iowa, 1914. Education, Department of

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Never before in the history of the world have people been so interested in the problems of child life-its protection and its conservation. To be sure parents have always shown great solicitude for the welfare of their own children; but in these days society takes a hand in the game by education parents in the care of infants, while governments enact legislation for the proper regulation of the employment of children in order to prevent the needless waste and destruction of future citizens. Iowa has already recognized the importance of the problem by the enactment of child labor legislation. But it is apparent from Dr. Haynes's study that in this State much remains to be done-especially in the limiting of hours of labor, the prohibition of night work, and the regulation of street trades, along with some adequate provision for compulsory school attendance and vocational education.

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