1302-002 Clear Creek Watershed Final Report

(2016) 1302-002 Clear Creek Watershed Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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The City of Coralville is reconstructing a major arterial road that connects the City of Coralville to the City of North Liberty. The total cost of the road project is 4.7 million dollars. The City of Coralville intends to redesign this road to act as a pilot project to showcase how roadways can be constructed with green stormwater management versus traditional stormwater infrastructure. The biocells and bioswales will be designed to improve the quality of stormwater that is generated off the roadway and also reduce flash flooding caused by larger rain events. The construction of biocells and bioswales will be documented through the creation of a film by City of Coralville's Public Broadcast Station, CoralVision. This film will be used to educate the public along with contractors who are unfamiliar with the installation of green infrastructure. The City of Coralville will also hire a consultant to create a Green Infrastructure Cost Feasibility Analysis using this project as a model. The cost feasibility analysis will document the costs of using traditional stormwater practices versus green infrastructure costs. The project will serve as a model project showcasing how green infrastructure can be incorporated into any roadway project.

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