Iowa Budget Report, Board of Parole Budgets, 2018-2019

(2017) Iowa Budget Report, Board of Parole Budgets, 2018-2019. Iowa State Board of Parole


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The Board of Parole was established in 1907 by the 37th General Assembly. The Board is composed of one full-time chairperson, one full-time vice-chairperson, and three per diem members who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate for staggered four-year terms. The Board is directly responsible to the Governor, and the chairperson serves at the pleasure of the Governor. During the 1998 legislative session, the General Assembly funded a full-time vice-chair position to assist with the administrative responsibilities of the Board. The Board has its own support staff but receives administrative support services from the Department of Corrections. The Iowa Board of Parole's mission is to reintegrate offenders into the community that can be released from prison without detriment to the public or themselves. To achieve the mission, the Board: Performs objective risk evaluations for prison inmates, reviews all eligible parole case files annually, holds hearings with eligible inmates, and selects viable candidates for conditional release on parole and work release. Revokes the conditional release and returns to prison those offenders that fail while on parole and work release. Notifies victims of relevant information not less than 20 days before a parole hearing, so victims' opinions may be considered when making parole and work release decisions. Advises the Governor on matters of executive clemency

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