Continuation of Benchmark Project - Phase IV, 1999 Calendar Year, 2000

(2000) Continuation of Benchmark Project - Phase IV, 1999 Calendar Year, 2000. Transportation, Department of


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This is the final Report to the Iowa DOT Offices of Construction and the Highway Division for the calendar year 1999 research project entitled - Continuation of Benchmarking Project: Phase IV. This project continues efforts started in 1995 with the development of a performance measurement system. The performance measurements were used to identify areas that required improvement and process improvement teams (PITs) were launched to make recommendations for improvement. This report provides a brief historical background, documents Benchmark Steering Team Activities, describes measurement activities including the employee survey and collection of non-survey data. Then a retrospective of past PIT activities is given, which sets the stage for the substantial increase in PIT activity that occurred during the winter of 1998/9. Finally, the report closes with suggestions for future directions in Benchmarking Activity.

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