Evaluation of Recycled Rubber in Asphalt Concrete, HR-330, Construction Report, 1991

(1991) Evaluation of Recycled Rubber in Asphalt Concrete, HR-330, Construction Report, 1991. Transportation, Department of


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Discarded tires present major disposal and environmental problems. The recycling of those tires in asphalt cement concrete is what this research deals with. The Iowa DOT and the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) are evaluating the use of discarded tires in asphalt rubber cement and rubber chip mixes. The project is located on US 61 between Blue Grass and Muscatine in Muscatine County. It contains four rubberized asphalt sections and control sections. One section consists of reacted rubber asphalt cement used in both the binder and surface courses, and one section, both lanes, contains a rubber chip mix. The reacted rubber asphalt and the rubber chip mixes were laid in July 1991. The project construction went well with a few problems of shoving and cracking of the mat. This report contains information about procedures and tests that were run and those that will be run. It also has a cost comparison since this is a major concern with the use of asphalt rubber. Evaluation of this project will continue for five years. Three more research projects containing rubberized asphalt were constructed in 1991 and another is to be constructed in 1992.

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Keywords: Alternatives analysis, Asphalt concrete, Asphalt rubber, Binder course, Chip seals, Construction management, Costs, Fracture mechanics, Surface course (Pavements), Test procedures, Tires
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