Work Zone Simulation Model, 1999

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To support the analysis of driver behavior at rural freeway work zone lane closure merge points, Center for Transportation Research and Education staff collected traffic data at merge areas using video image processing technology. The collection of data and the calculation of the capacity of lane closures are reported in a companion report, "Traffic Management Strategies for Merge Areas in Rural Interstate Work Zones". These data are used in the work reported in this document and are used to calibrate a microscopic simulation model of a typical, Iowa rural freeway lane closure. The model developed is a high fidelity computer simulation with an animation interface. It simulates traffic operations at a work zone lane closure. This model enables traffic engineers to visually demonstrate the forecasted delay that is likely to result when freeway reconstruction makes it necessary to close freeway lanes. Further, the model is also sensitive to variations in driver behavior and is used to test the impact of slow moving vehicles and other driver behaviors. This report consists of two parts. The first part describes the development of the work zone simulation model. The simulation analysis is calibrated and verified through data collected at a work zone in Interstate Highway 80 in Scott County, Iowa. The second part is a user's manual for the simulation model, which is provided to assist users with its set up and operation. No prior computer programming skills are required to use the simulation model.

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