Cracking and Seating PCC Pavement Prior to Resurfacing, HR-527, 1986

(1986) Cracking and Seating PCC Pavement Prior to Resurfacing, HR-527, 1986. Transportation, Department of


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Construction of an excellent network of primary highways across the State of Iowa has essentially been completed. The major task facing the Iowa Department of Transportation today is the maintenance and rehabilitation of that network. The most commonly utilized rehabilitation practice is asphalt concrete resurfacing. This practice will normally provide a good driving surface for at least 10 additional years. The major problem with asphalt concrete resurfacing is the reflection cracking from underlying cracks and joints in the portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement. Deterioration and spaling occur at these reflection cracks and are the limiting factor of the-effective life of the asphalt concrete resurfacing.

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Keywords: Crack and seat treatment, Pavement cracking, Portland cement concrete, Resurfacing
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