High Priority Corridors for Access Management Near Large Urban Areas in Iowa, 2002

(2002) High Priority Corridors for Access Management Near Large Urban Areas in Iowa, 2002. Transportation, Department of


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This research project was intended to produce a strategy for addressing current and future access management problems on state highway routes located just outside urban areas that serve as major routes for commuting into and out of major employment centers in Iowa. There were two basic goals: (1) to develop a ranking system for identifying high-priority segments for access management treatments on primary highways outside metro and urban areas and (2) to focus efforts on routes that are major commuting routes at present and in the future. The project focused on four-lane expressways and two-lane arterials most likely to serve extensive commuter traffic. Available spatial and statistical data were used to identify existing and possible future problem corridors with respect to access management. The research team developed a scheme for ranking commuter routes based on their need for attention to access management. This project was able to produce rankings for corridors based on a variety of factors, including proportion of crashes that appear to be access-related, severity of those crashes, and potential for improvement along corridors. Frequency and loss were found to be highly rank correlated; because of this, these indicators were not used together in developing final priority rankings. Most of the highest ranked routes are on two-lane rural cross sections, but a few are four-lane expressways with at-grade private driveways and public road intersections. The most important conclusion of the ranking system is that many of the poor-performing corridors are located in a single Iowa Department of Transportation district near two urban areas--Des Moines and Ames. A comprehensive approach to managing access along commuting corridors should be developed first in this district since the potential benefits would be highest in that region.

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