1113-005 Duck Creek Wateshed Final Report

(2014) 1113-005 Duck Creek Wateshed Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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The Duck Creek watershed has been the target study area of multiple reports by multiple agencies including a 2009 DNR Watershed Master Planning Grant, and the 2011 Duck and Blackhawk Creek Stream Assessment. The information obtained from these reports has lead the City of Davenport to take a micro-watershed approach to identifying the significant contributors to flooding and water quality issues that affect Duck Creek, its tributaries and the surrounding landscape, and devise solutions to mitigate these concerns. The construction of the proposed Littig Area Detention Basin comes as a recommendation from the Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan for Pheasant, Goose, and Silver Creeks as prepared by James M. Montgomery, Consulting Engineers, Inc. in September 1991. At the time this report was prepared this basin was one of eight regional detention basins proposed in the upstream watersheds to alleviate flooding on tributaries to Duck Creek. The basin is designed and situated to detain runoff from approximately two hundred and twenty-seven (227) acres of previously developed moderate density residential area with intermixed light business and schools. This basin will reduce flow rates entering the receiving waters from the two, five and ten year storm events by an average of eighty-five percent (85%) and reduce flow rates from the twenty-five, fifty, and one hundred year events by a11 average of fifty percent (50%). With this flow rate reduction it is anticipated that streambank erosion in the immediate downstream receiving waters can be reduced or even stopped. The reduction in sediment leaving this upstream area will greatly enhance the water quality further downstream in Goose and Duck Creeks.

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