Using Digital Video Analysis to Monitor Driver Behavior at Intersections

(2006) Using Digital Video Analysis to Monitor Driver Behavior at Intersections. Transportation, Department of


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Commercially available instruments for road-side data collection take highly limited measurements, require extensive manual input, or are too expensive for widespread use. However, inexpensive computer vision techniques for digital video analysis can be applied to automate the monitoring of driver, vehicle, and pedestrian behaviors. These techniques can measure safety-related variables that cannot be easily measured using existing sensors. The use of these techniques will lead to an improved understanding of the decisions made by drivers at intersections. These automated techniques allow the collection of large amounts of safety-related data in a relatively short amount of time. There is a need to develop an easily deployable system to utilize these new techniques. This project implemented and tested a digital video analysis system for use at intersections. A prototype video recording system was developed for field deployment. A computer interface was implemented and served to simplify and automate the data analysis and the data review process. Driver behavior was measured at urban and rural non-signalized intersections. Recorded digital video was analyzed and used to test the system.

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Keywords: Analysis, Behavior, Digital video, Driver errors, Driver monitoring, Traffic safety, Unsignalized intersections
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