Pavement Thickness Design for Local Roads in Iowa, TR-586, 2010

(2010) Pavement Thickness Design for Local Roads in Iowa, TR-586, 2010. Transportation, Department of


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Three pavement design software packages were compared with regards to how they were different in determining design input parameters and their influences on the pavement thickness. StreetPave designs the concrete pavement thickness based on the PCA method and the equivalent asphalt pavement thickness. The WinPAS software performs both concrete and asphalt pavements following the AASHTO 1993 design method. The APAI software designs asphalt pavements based on pre-mechanistic/empirical AASHTO methodology. First, the following four critical design input parameters were identified: traffic, subgrade strength, reliability, and design life. The sensitivity analysis of these four design input parameters were performed using three pavement design software packages to identify which input parameters require the most attention during pavement design. Based on the current pavement design procedures and sensitivity analysis results, a prototype pavement design and sensitivity analysis (PD&SA) software package was developed to retrieve the pavement thickness design value for a given condition and allow a user to perform a pavement design sensitivity analysis. The prototype PD&SA software is a computer program that stores pavement design results in database that is designed for the user to input design data from the variety of design programs and query design results for given conditions. The prototype Pavement Design and Sensitivity Analysis (PA&SA) software package was developed to demonstrate the concept of retrieving the pavement design results from the database for a design sensitivity analysis. This final report does not include the prototype software which will be validated and tested during the next phase.

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