Hydraulic Cement Grout Testing, MLR-89-14, 1990

(1990) Hydraulic Cement Grout Testing, MLR-89-14, 1990. Transportation, Department of


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Currently, hydraulic cement grouts are approved for Iowa Department of Transportation projects on the basis of a pullout test. However, other properties of the grouts should be evaluated. Therefore, this research was initiated to develop criteria to better evaluate hydraulic cement grouts. Fourteen grouts were tested for compressive strength, time of set, durability, consistency and shrinkage. Tested grouts all yielded compressive strengths higher than 3000 psi at 7 days and durability factors were well above 70. Time of set and consistency was adequate. The testing showed most grouts tested shrank, even though tested grouts were labeled non-shrink grouts. For many applications of grouts such as setting in anchor bolts and as a filler, minor shrinkage is not a problem. However, for some critical applications, shrinkage cannot be tolerated. The proposed Instructional Memorandum will identify those grouts which do not excessively shrink or expand in the tests used. Based on test results, criteria for evaluation of hydraulic cement grouts have been recommended. Evaluation consists of tests for compressive strength, time of set, durability, consistency, shrinkage and pullout test.

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Keywords: Cement grouts, Compressive strength, Consistency, Durability, Hydraulic cement, Pull out test, Recommendations, Setting (Concrete), Shrinkage
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