Report on Fly Ash as a Soil Additive, MLR-81-03, 1981

(1981) Report on Fly Ash as a Soil Additive, MLR-81-03, 1981. Transportation, Department of


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The addition of a selected self-cementing, Class C fly ash to blow sand soils improves their compacted strength greatly as opposed to the minimal strength improvement when fly ash is mixed with loess soil. By varying the percentage of fly ash added, the resulting blow sand-fly ash mixture can function as a low strength stabilized material or as a higher strength sub-base. Low strength stabilized material can also be obtained by mixing loess soils with a selected Class C fly ash. The development of the higher strength values required for subbase materials is very dependent upon compaction delay time and moisture condition of the material. Results at this time indicate that, when compaction delays are involved, excess moisture in the material has the greatest positive effect in achieving minimum strengths. Other added retarding agents, such as borax and gypsum, have less effect.

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Keywords: Additives, Delays, Fly ash, Sandy soils, Soil compaction, Soil water, Strength of materials, Subbase materials
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