Special Report on Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity in Iowa, MLR-80-03, 1980

(1980) Special Report on Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity in Iowa, MLR-80-03, 1980. Transportation, Department of


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The purpose of this investigation was to obtain information relative to the alkali-silica reaction in Iowa aggregates. Of particular concern were those aggregates in southwestern Iowa thought to be potentially alkali reactive. Further, should those aggregates have proven to be alkali-reactive, at what cement alkali content could these aggregates be considered to be deleteriously reactive? If the aggregates were proven to be reactive, what types of effects might show up in a structure in which an alkali-silica reaction has occurred? Also, what environmental conditions would cause the reaction? Finally, based on the information obtained from the investigation, would it be possible to raise the cement alkali content specifications? Would the Iowa DOT eliminate the alkali content limits altogether except for cement used with reactive aggregate in the same manner as AASHTO or ASTM? Also, would there be any other side effects that might occur as the result of using high alkali-cement?

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Keywords: Alkali aggregate reactions, Alkali silica reactions, Cement content
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