Asphalt Emulsions for Highway Construction (Emulsion Seal Coat), HR-1028, 1980

(1980) Asphalt Emulsions for Highway Construction (Emulsion Seal Coat), HR-1028, 1980. Transportation, Department of


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For the past several year Kossuth County has had a scheduled maintenance program of bituminous seal coating. This program has been used to maintain the 467 miles of asphaltic concrete surfaced roads in Kossuth County. Since most of the experience that Kossuth County had in seal coating was with cutback asphalt, it was decided to include the use of emulsified asphalt in Kossuth County's 1980 seal coat program. Federal Demonstration Project Funds were requested from the Federal Highway Administration to study the use of emulsified asphalt and funding was granted under Demonstration Project No. 55,:Asphalt Emulsions for Highway Construction." Items studied were design and construction procedure cost of alternate material, energy consumption and environmental considerations. A construction contract was awarded to Everds Brothers, Inc. of Algona, Iowa, on July 1, 1980. There were four bidders on the 54.5 miles of seal coating that was let. A map showing the location of the seal coating projects is shown in Appendix A, and a copy of the contract is shown in Appendix B. The contractor started the project on July 11, 1980 and completed the project on August 1, 1980. Construction inspection and follow-up inspections of the project were conducted by personnel of the Kossuth County Engineer's Office and testing of the materials, friction testing and road rater testing were conducted by the Material's Department of the Iowa Department of Transportation.

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