Evaluation of Snowplowable Raised Pavement Markers, HR-558, 1995

(1995) Evaluation of Snowplowable Raised Pavement Markers, HR-558, 1995. Transportation, Department of


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In 1992, the Iowa DOT installed 6200 snowplowable Raised Pavement Markers (RPM) in six areas around the state. They were evaluated at six-month intervals until the replacement of the reflective lenses in 1995. During this time, the RPM performed well. The Iowa Department of Transportation uses de-icers and sand during the winter to control snow and ice on the pavement. The sand and the chemicals reduced the reflectivity of the reflectors. With minimum or no maintenance the visibility of the RPM is low. Although the RPM appear to present a problem during snow plowing, they are an excellent device for lane delineation at night in adverse weather.

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Keywords: Calibration, Marking materials, Pavement design, Raised road markings, Retroreflectivity, Service life, Snowplows
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