The Role of Magnesium in Concrete Deterioration, HR-355, Appendix, 1994

(1994) The Role of Magnesium in Concrete Deterioration, HR-355, Appendix, 1994. Transportation, Department of


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In the main report concerning the role that magnesium may have in highway concrete aggregate, over 20,000 electron microprobe data were obtained, primarily from automated scans, or traverses, across dolomite aggregate grains and the adjacent cement paste. Representative traverses were shown in figures and averages of the data were presented in Table II. In this Appendix, detailed representative and selected analyses of carbonate aggregate only are presented. These analyses were not presented in the main report because they would be interesting to only a few specialists in dolomite· rocks. In this Appendix, individual point analyses of mineral compositions in the paste have been omitted along with dolomite compositions at grain boundaries and cracks. Clay minerals and quartz inclusions in the aggregate are also not included. In the analyses, the first three column headings from left to right show line number, x-axis, and y-axis (Line number is an artifact of the computer print-out for each new traverse. Consecutive line numbers indicate a continuous traverse with distances between each point of 1.5 to a few μ-m. X-axis and y-axis are coordinates on the electron microscope stage). The next columns present weight percent oxide content of FeO, K20, CaO, Si02, Al203, MgO, SrO, BaO, MnO, Na20, and C02 (calculated assuming the number of moles of C02 is equal to the sum of moles of oxides, chiefly CaO and MgO), TOTAL (the sum of all oxides), and total (sum of all oxides excluding COi). In many of the analyses total is omitted.

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