Thermoset Composite Concrete Reinforcement, HR-325, Part 2, 1992

(1992) Thermoset Composite Concrete Reinforcement, HR-325, Part 2, 1992. Transportation, Department of


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This is the second part of the final report submitted to the Iowa Department of Transportation. Part 1 contained a comparison of unaged fiber composite and steel dowels and derivation of the appropriate theoretical model for analyzing the results. Part 2 of this final report covers the theoretical and experimental models for accelerated aging of fiber composite reinforcing bars and dowels cast in a concrete environment. Part 2 contains results from testing of unaged and aged fiber composite dowels and steel dowels, in addition to unaged and aged fiber composite reinforcing bars. Additional tests have been performed on unaged dowels (both steel and fibercomposite) to verify results from Part 1 and to keep the testing program consistent. Slight modifications have been made to the dowel specimens presented in Part 1. These modifications are noted in the Section 3.4 of this report. The flexural modulus of elasticity for the FC dowel bar given in Part 1 of the final report (Table 3. 2) was for the incorrect structural shape (non-circular cross section). The value is corrected and given in Part 2 of the final report (Table 3.4 for the.modulus of elasticity supplied by the manufacturer, and Tables 3. 5 and 3. 6 for experimentally determined modulus of elasticities) • The value in Part 1 was not used for any analysis of the FC dowel bars.

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Keywords: Accelerated tests, Dowels (Fasteners), Fiber composites, Flexural strength, Load transfer, Mathematical models, Properties of materials, Theory
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