09031-016 Duck Creek Watershed Final Report

(2012) 09031-016 Duck Creek Watershed Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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The Duck Creek Watershed, the recipient of a 2009 DNR Watershed Management Planning Grant and a focus of an upcoming City of Davenport master plan, is characterized by relatively flat grades and highly impervious areas. Plagued by issues such as high bacteria loads, stream bank erosion and flooding, solving these problems may take generations. The City of Davenport has taken a microwatershed approach to identify the significant contributors to water quality and flooding issues that affect Duck Creek, its tributaries and the surrounding landscape to make inroads into the larger issues. This project is the next phase of a multi-phased project that addresses the microwatershed that includes St Ambrose University. Work here will improve water quality within Duck Creek and address major flooding issues on campus while also reducing downstream flooding. This project will convert an existing parking lot into a green parking area by removing the hard surface and installing below ground facilities for storm water infiltration, detention, and reuse. Permeable pavement, bio­ swales and infiltration areas will be constructed on top of the infiltration facilities. We estimate that this project will capture and treat 1,110,000 gallons (3.5 acre feet) of storm water runoff which accounts to the runoff volume from a 10-year storm event while reducing pollutants by 30-100%.

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