Recycled Asphalt Pavements - Kossuth County Iowa, HR-176, 1975

(1975) Recycled Asphalt Pavements - Kossuth County Iowa, HR-176, 1975. Transportation, Department of


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Kossuth County is located in North Central Iowa bordering on the State of Minnesota. It is the largest county in Iowa consisting of 28 congressional townships. The population of the county is 23,000 of which 11,000 people live in the rural area. There are 13 towns located in the county with the county seat, Algona, being the largest with a population of 6,100. Major industry of the area is grain farming with some beef and hog production. Naturally, where there is good grain farm land it follows that there is poor soil available for road construction and pavements. However, below the 3 to 4 feet of good farm land of Kossuth there is present a good grade of clay soil which does make an adequate base for surfacing when placed and compacted on top of the roadbed. As early as 1950, the then Kossuth County Engineer, H.M. Smith, embarked on a program of stage construction in building new grades and pavements. The goal of his program was primarily to conserve the county's rapidly dwindling supply of surfacing materials, and also, to realize the side effects of providing smooth and dustless roads for the public. Engineer Smith was fully aware of the poor soils that existed for road construction, but he also knew about the good clay that lay below the farm soil. Consequently, in his grading program he insisted that road ditches be dug deep enough to allow the good clay soil to be compacted on top of the roadbed. The presence of the compacted clay on top of the road resulted in a briding affect over the farm soil. The stage construction program satisfied the objectives of aggregate construction and dust control but did generate other problems which we are now trying to solve as economically as possible.

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