Evaluation of Rapid Determination of the Chloride Permeability of Portland Cement Concrete by AASHTO T277-83, MLR-86-11, 1987

(1987) Evaluation of Rapid Determination of the Chloride Permeability of Portland Cement Concrete by AASHTO T277-83, MLR-86-11, 1987. Transportation, Department of


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An Iowa D.O.T. Laboratory built machine was constructed for the chloride permeability testing of concrete by measuring electric current through a specimen between a salt solution and a base solution. This study had two purposes. The first was to evaluate the machine's performance. To do this, three concrete mixes were made consisting of different cement factors and water/cement ratios. Each mix was tested for chloride ion content by the 90- day salt ponding method and for chloride permeability at a 28-day cure by the permeability machine. The results from each test were evaluated to see if there was correlation between chloride ion content and the chloride permeability. It was determined that there was a correlation and that the permeability machine was satisfactory for determining chloride permeability in concrete. The second purpose of this study was to examine the effects that pozzolans have on the chloride permeability of concrete. Four mixes were made: one without any pozzolans as a control, one with class C fly ash, one with class F fly ash, and one with silica fume. Specimens from each mix were evaluated for chloride ion content by the 90-day salt ponding test and by the laboratory built machine for chloride permeability after curing 28 days. Specimens from these mixes were also taken from the salt ponding slabs after completion of the ponding test to examine the effect chloride ion content has on the operation of the chloride permeability machine. Specimens containing pozzolans were also examined for chloride permeability after a cure of 180 days. It was determined that the addition of pozzolans to concrete lowers the chloride permeability as measured by the permeability machine. Class F fly ash and silica fume in the concrete had a major effect in lowering the chloride permeability in concrete as measured by the permeability machine.

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Keywords: Admixtures, Chloride content, Fly ash, Performance tests, Permeability, Portland cement concrete, Pozzolanic action, Silica fume
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