Fast Track and Fast Track II Cedar Rapids, Iowa, HR-544, 1993

(1993) Fast Track and Fast Track II Cedar Rapids, Iowa, HR-544, 1993. Transportation, Department of


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Two lanes of a major four-lane arterial street in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, needed reconstruction. Because of the traffic volume and the detour problem, closure of the intersections, even for 1 day was not feasible. Use of Fast Track concrete paving on the mainline portion of the project permitted achievement of the opening strength of 400 psi in less than 12 hr. Fast Track II, used for the intersections, achieved the opening strength of 350 psi in 6 to 7 hr. Flexural and compression specimens of two sections each in the Fast Track and Fast Track II sections were subjected to pulse velocity tests. Maturity curves were developed by monitoring the temperatures. Correlations were performed between the pulse velocity and flexural strength and between the maturity and flexural strength. The project established the feasibility of using Fast Track II to construct portland cement concrete pavement at night and opening the roadway to traffic the next day.

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Keywords: Concrete pavements, Correlation analysis, Flexural strength, Intersections, Pavement maintenance, Pulses, Reconstruction, Setting (Concrete), Testing, Velocity
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