Freeze-Thaw Durability of Concretes with Infilling of Ettringite in Voids, Phase 2, MLR-94-9, 1997

(1997) Freeze-Thaw Durability of Concretes with Infilling of Ettringite in Voids, Phase 2, MLR-94-9, 1997. Transportation, Department of


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Examination of field portland cement concrete cores, from Iowa pavements with premature deterioration, reveals extensive infilling of calcium sulfate aluminum (CSA) compound in their air voids. A previous study (Phase I) has shown some evidence of the correlation between freeze-thaw durability of concretes and ettringite infilling. To further verify the previous observation, a more extensive experimental program was conducted in this Phase 2 study. A total of 101 concrete mixes were examined. Seven cements, six fly ashes, two water reducers and three coarse aggregates were used in the concrete mixes. Specimens were under moist curing for up to 223 days before being subjected to the freeze-thaw cycling. An environmental treatment consisting of three consecutive wet [70 deg F (21 deg C) in distilled water]/dry [120 deg F (49 deg C) in oven] cycles was applied to some specimens. Immediately prior to the freeze-thaw cycling, most specimens were examined by a low-vacuum scanning electron microscope (SEM) for their microstructure. The results obtained further demonstrate the correlation between concrete freeze-thaw response and CSA compound infilling in the air voids. The extent of the infilling depends on the period of moist curing as well as the wet/dry treatment. The extent of the infilling also relates to materials used. Concrete mixes with extensive infilling are more vulnerable to the freeze-thaw attack. Based on the obtained results, material criteria on cements and fly ashes for mainline paving were proposed for minimizing potential infilling of CSA compound in concrete.

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Keywords: Admixtures, Cement, Coarse aggregates, Cores (Specimens), Deterioration, Durability, Ettringite, Fly ash, Freeze thaw durability, Laboratory tests, Microstructure, Pavements, Portland cement concrete, Void ratios, Water reducing agents, Wetting and drying tests, Voids
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