Correlation of the Roughometer to the High-Speed Laser Profiler, MLR-97-7, 1997

(1997) Correlation of the Roughometer to the High-Speed Laser Profiler, MLR-97-7, 1997. Transportation, Department of


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The Iowa Department of Transportation has been using the Bureau of Public Roads (BPR) Roughometer as part of its detour analysis process for more than 20 years. Advances in technology have made the BPR Roughometer obsolete for ride quality testing. High-speed profilers that can collect the profile of the road at highway speeds are the standard ride instruments for determining ride quality on pavements. The objective of the project was to develop a correlation between the BPR Roughometer and the high-speed laser South Dakota type Profiler (SD Profiler). Nineteen pavement sections were chosen to represent the range of types and conditions for detours. Three computer simulation models were tested on the profiler profiles. The first model is the International Ride Index (IRI) which is considered the standard index for reporting ride quality in the United States. The second model is the Ride Number (RN) developed by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and the third model used is a quarter-car simulation of the BPR Roughometer (ASTM E-1170) which should match the speed and range of roadway features experienced by Iowa's BPR Roughometer Unit. The BPR Roughometer quarter-car model provided the best overall correlation with Iowa's BPR Roughometer.

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