ProScan Automated Profilogram Reduction System, MLR-94-7, 1994

(1994) ProScan Automated Profilogram Reduction System, MLR-94-7, 1994. Transportation, Department of


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Kansas State University, with funding from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), has developed a computerized reduction system for profilograms produced by mechanical profilographs. The commercial version of the system (ProScan (trademark)) is marketed by Devore Systems, Inc. The system consists of an IBM Compatible PC 486SX33 computer or better, Epson LQ-570 printer, a Logitech Scanman 32 hand scanner system, a paper transport unit, and the ProScan software. The Scanner is not adaptable to IBM computers with the micro channel architecture. The Iowa DOT Transportation Centers could realize the following advantages by using ProScan: (1) Save about 5 to 8 staff hours of reduction and reporting time per Transportation Center per week for a Materials Technician 3 or 4 (the time savings would come during the busiest part of the season); (2) Reduce errors in reduction, transfer, and typing of profile values; (3) Increase the accuracy of the monitor results; and (4) Allow rapid evaluation of contractor traces when tolerance limits between monitor and certified results are exceeded.

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