Evaluation of Type I Cement Fast Track Concrete, MLR-87-6, 1988

(1988) Evaluation of Type I Cement Fast Track Concrete, MLR-87-6, 1988. Transportation, Department of


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There are projects where opening the pavement to traffic in less than the 5 to 7 days is needed, but an 8 to 12 hour opening time is not necessary. The study examined fast track concrete with Type I cement and admixtures. The variables studied were: (1) cure temperature, (2) cement brand, (3) accelerators, and (4) water reducers. A standard water reducer and curing blankets appear to be effective at producing a 24 hour to 36 hour opening strength. An accelerator and/or high range water reducer may produce opening strength in 12 to 24 hours. Calcium chloride was most effective at achieving high-early strength.

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Keywords: Accelerators (Devices), Admixtures, Calcium chloride, Cement, Concrete curing, High early strength cement, Setting (Concrete), Temperature, Water reducing agents
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