Evaluation of the Concrete Admixture Gla-Zit, MLR-81-5, 1983

(1983) Evaluation of the Concrete Admixture Gla-Zit, MLR-81-5, 1983. Transportation, Department of


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A concrete admixture, Gla-Zit, was evaluated in 1970 by the Iowa State Highway Commission and found to be lacking in providing beneficial effects to concrete. This current evaluation is similar to that conducted in 1970 with slight modifications in the actual concrete mixes studied. At the request of the manufacturer, all concrete mixes containing Gla-Zit were non-air entrained. Concrete properties examined were compressive strength, salt scaling resistance, absorption, resistance to chloride penetration, and freeze-thaw durability. The differences found in the mixes studied are much more attributible to air entrainment, or the lack thereof, than the influence of Gla-Zit. The study re-affirms that it is necessary to have properly air entrained concrete to lessen the detrimental effects of freeze and thaw and scaling caused by salting. There is no data in the study to suggest that Gla-Zit has any significant effect on any of the concrete properties examined.

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Keywords: Absorption, Admixtures, Air entrained concrete, Compressive strength, Freeze thaw durability, Materials tests, Reactions in concrete, Scaling (Concrete), Gla-Zit
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