Correlation Studies BPR Type Roughometer vs. PCE Type Road Meter, MLR-68-2, 1968

(1968) Correlation Studies BPR Type Roughometer vs. PCE Type Road Meter, MLR-68-2, 1968. Transportation, Department of


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The BPR type Roughometer has been used by the Iowa State Highway Commission since 1955 for the evaluation of the relative roughness of the various Iowa road surfaces. Since the commencement of this program, standardized information about the roughness of the various Iowa roads with respect to their type, construction, location and usage has been obtained. The Roughometer has also served to improve the economics and quality of road construction by making the roughness results of various practices available to all who are interested. In 1965, the Portland Cement Association developed a device known as the PCA Road Meter for measuring road roughness. Mounted in a regular passenger car, the Road Meter is a simple electromechanical device of durable construction which can perform consistently with extremely low maintenance. In 1967, the Iowa State Highway Commission's Laboratory constructed a P.C.A. type Road Meter in order to provide an efficient and reliable method for measuring the Present Serviceability Index for the state's highways. Another possibility was that after considerable testing the Road Meter might eventually replace the Roughometer. Some advantages of the Road Meter over the Roughometer are: (1) Road Meter tests are made by the automobile driver and one assistant without the need of traffic protection. The Roughometer has a crew of four men; two operating the roughometer and two driving safety vehicles. (2) The Road Meter is able to do more miles of testing because of its faster testing speed and the fa.ct that it is the only vehicle involved in the testing. (3) Because of the faster testing speed, the Road Meter gives a better indication of how the road actually rides to the average highway traveler. (4) The cost of operating a Road Meter is less than that of a Roughometer because of the fewer number of vehicles and men needed in testing.

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