Longitudinal Grinding and Transverse Grooving to Improve Frictional and Profile Properties, HR-1035, 1983

(1983) Longitudinal Grinding and Transverse Grooving to Improve Frictional and Profile Properties, HR-1035, 1983. Transportation, Department of


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There are many miles of portland cement concrete pavement in Iowa that due to normal wear, and in some cases accelerated wear from studded tires, the surface has become polished resulting in less than desirable friction values. Retexturing the surface may be an economical way to re-establish desirable friction values. Retexturing by grinding with diamond blades and transverse grooving with diamond blades are two methods of rehabilitating p.c.c. surfaces. MU Inc. of Lebanan, Tennessee proposed to provide without charge to the Iowa Department of Transportation, one 1500 ft x 12 ft section each of three methods of texturing. They are longitudinal grinding, transverse grooving and longitudinal grinding followed by transverse grooving. A section of 1500 feet is needed to properly evaluate a texturing method. It was decided by Iowa DOT personnel that due to possible differential friction it would be undesirable to texture only one lane. The decision was made to do test sections of 1500 ft x 24 ft with the cost of the additional texturing paid by the Iowa DOT. Iowa also has areas where the p.c.c. pavement has faulted at the joints and cracks which results in poor riding quality. Methods of correcting the faulting are to underseal the pavement where needed and/or grinding the surface to eliminate the faulted areas. It was decided to include in this research project a section for profiling by grinding.

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