Evaluation of Asphalt Stabilizing Additives, HR-542, 1994

(1994) Evaluation of Asphalt Stabilizing Additives, HR-542, 1994. Transportation, Department of


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Efforts are constantly being put forth by researchers, highway related industries and product suppliers to improve the life and performance of asphalt pavements. As a result of those efforts, a variety of asphalt modifiers have been developed and evaluated in experimental sections over the years. Evaluations of the polymer asphalt modifiers have been done and results were usually compared with conventional sections within each respective project. The research presented in this report is also a comparison of asphalt modifiers with each other as well as a comparison of a modifier with its respective conventional section, when they exist. Several of the modifiers showed some improvements in performance while others did not.

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Keywords: Additives, Alternatives analysis, Asphalt, Performance evaluations, Polymer asphalt, Polymers, Test sections
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