Implementation of Benchmark Project Recommendations for Iowa DOT Offices of Construction, Addendum to HR-381, 1996

(1996) Implementation of Benchmark Project Recommendations for Iowa DOT Offices of Construction, Addendum to HR-381, 1996. Transportation, Department of


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This report describes the continuation of the development of performance measures for the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) Offices of Construction. Those offices are responsible for administering transportation construction projects for the Iowa DOT. Researchers worked closely with the Benchmark Steering Team which was formed during Phase I of this project and is composed of representatives of the Offices of Construction. The research team conducted a second survey of Offices of Construction personnel, interviewed numerous members of the Offices and continued to work to improve the eight key processes identified during Phase I of this research. The eight key processes include Inspection of Work, Resolution of Technical Issues, Documentation of Work Progress and Pay Quantities, Employee Training and Development, Continuous Feedback for Improved Contract Documents, Provide Safe Traffic Control, External/Public Communication, and Providing Pre-Letting Information. Three to four measurements were specified for each key process. Many of these measurements required opinion surveys of employees, contractors, and others. During Phase II, researchers concentrated on conducting surveys, interviewing respondents to improve future surveys, and facilitating Benchmark Steering Team monthly meetings. Much effort was placed on using the information collected during the first year's research to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Offices of Construction. The results from Process Improvement Teams that studied Traffic Control and Resolution of Technical Issues were used to improve operations.

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