A Multi-Project Scheduling Procedure for Transportation Projects, Part II, HR-339, 1994

(1994) A Multi-Project Scheduling Procedure for Transportation Projects, Part II, HR-339, 1994. Transportation, Department of


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The Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) has been requiring Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules on some larger or more schedule sensitive projects. The Office of Construction's expectations for enhanced project control and improved communication of project objectives have not been fully met by the use of CPM. Recognizing that the current procedures might not be adequate for all projects, IDOT sponsored a research project to explore the state-of-the-art in transportation scheduling and identify opportunities for improvement. The first phase of this project identified a technique known as the Linear Scheduling Method (LSM) as an alternative to CPM on certain highway construction projects. LSM graphically displays the construction process with respect to the location and the time in which each activity occurs. The current phase of this project was implemented to allow the research team the opportunity to evaluate LSM on all small groups of diverse projects. Unlike the first phase of the project, the research team was closely involved in the project from early in the planning phase throughout the completion of the projects. The research strongly suggests that the linear scheduling technique has great potential as a project management tool for both contractors and IDOT personnel. However, before this technique can become a viable weapon in the project management arsenal, a software application needs to be developed. This application should bring to linear scheduling a degree of functionality as rich and as comprehensive as that found in microcomputer based CPM software on the market today. The research team recommends that the IDOT extend this research effort to include the development of a linear scheduling application.

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