Control of Concrete Deterioration Due to Trace Compounds in Deicers, Phase II, HR-299, 1989

(1989) Control of Concrete Deterioration Due to Trace Compounds in Deicers, Phase II, HR-299, 1989. Transportation, Department of


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This report presents results of research on ways to reduce the detrimental effects of sulfate-tainted rock salt deicers on portland cement concrete used for highway pavements. Repetitious experiments on the influence of fly ash on the mortar phase of concrete showed significant improvement in resistance to deicing brines is possible. Fifteen to twenty percent by weight of fly ash replacement for portland cement was found to provide optimum improvement. Fly ashes from five sources were evaluated and all were found to be equally beneficial. Preliminary results indicate the type of coarse aggregate also plays an important role in terms of concrete resistance to freeze-thaw in deicing brines. This was particularly true for a porous ferroan dolomite thought to be capable of reaction with the brine. In this case fly ash improved the concrete, but not enough for satisfactory performance. An intermediate response was with a porous limestone where undesirable results were observed without fly ash and adequate performance was realized when 15% fly ash was added. The best combination for making deicer-resistant concrete was found to be with a non-porous limestone. Performance in brines was found to be adequate without fly ash, but better when fly ash was included. Consideration was given to treating existing hardened concrete made with poor aggregate and no fly ash to extend pavement life in the presence of deicers, particularly at joints. Sodium silicate was found to improve freeze-thaw resistance of mortar and is a good candidate for field usage because of its low cost and ease of handling.

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