Behavior of Asphalts in the Production of Asphaltic Concrete, HR-107, 1965

(1965) Behavior of Asphalts in the Production of Asphaltic Concrete, HR-107, 1965. Transportation, Department of


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Project 540-S of the Iowa Engineering Experiment Station (Project HR-107, Iowa Highway Research Board) was started in June, 1964. During the year ten 2-gallon samples of asphalt cement and ten 100-lb samples of asphaltic concrete were studied by the personnel of the Bituminous Research Laboratory, Iowa State University. The samples were from tanks and mixers of asphalt plants at various Iowa State Highway Commission paving jobs. The laboratory's research was in two phases: 1. To ascertain if properties of asphalt cement changed during mixing operations. 2. To determine whether one or more of the several tests of asphalt cements were enough to indicate behavior of the heated asphalt cements. If the reliability of one or more tests could be proved, the behavior of asphalts would be more simply and rapidly predicted.

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