Refinement of Rapid PCC Coarse Aggregate Testing Program, HR-1071, 1999

(1999) Refinement of Rapid PCC Coarse Aggregate Testing Program, HR-1071, 1999. Transportation, Department of


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The characterization and categorization of coarse aggregates for use in portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements is a highly refined process at the Iowa Department of Transportation. Over the past 10 to 15 years, much effort has been directed at pursuing direct testing schemes to supplement or replace existing physical testing schemes. Direct testing refers to the process of directly measuring the chemical and mineralogical properties of an aggregate and then attempting to correlate those measured properties to historical performance information (i.e., field service record). This is in contrast to indirect measurement techniques, which generally attempt to extrapolate the performance of laboratory test specimens to expected field performance. The purpose of this research project was to investigate and refine the use of direct testing methods, such as X-ray analysis techniques and thermal analysis techniques, to categorize carbonate aggregates for use in portland cement concrete. The results of this study indicated that the general testing methods that are currently used to obtain data for estimating service life tend to be very reliable and have good to excellent repeatability. Several changes in the current techniques were recommended to enhance the long-term reliability of the carbonate database. These changes can be summarized as follows: (a) Limits that are more stringent need to be set on the maximum particle size in the samples subjected to testing. This should help to improve the reliability of all three of the test methods studied during this project. (b) X-ray diffraction testing needs to be refined to incorporate the use of an internal standard. This will help to minimize the influence of sample positioning errors and it will also allow for the calculation of the concentration of the various minerals present in the samples. (c) Thermal analysis data needs to be corrected for moisture content and clay content prior to calculating the carbonate content of the sample.

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Keywords: Chemical properties, Coarse aggregates, Correlation analysis, Mineralogy, Pavement performance, Testing, Thermal analysis, X ray analysis
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