Field Data Collection and Reporting Study, HR-377, 1997

(1997) Field Data Collection and Reporting Study, HR-377, 1997. Transportation, Department of


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A review of the Iowa Department of Transportation's field data collection and reporting system has been performed. Included were several systems used by the Office of Construction and Local Jurisdictions. The entire field data collection and reporting systems for asphalt cement concrete (ACC) paving, portland cement concrete (PCC) paving, and PCC structures were streamlined and computerized. The field procedures for materials acceptance were also reviewed. Best practices were identified and a method was developed to prioritize materials so transportation agencies could focus their efforts on high priority materials. Iowa State University researchers facilitated a discussion about Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) procedures between the Office of Construction field staff and the Office of Contracts. A set of alternative procedures was developed. Later the Office of Contracts considered these alternatives as they developed new procedures that are currently being implemented. The job close-out package was reviewed and two unnecessary procedures were eliminated. Numerous other procedures were reviewed and flowcharted. Several changes have been recommended that will increase efficiency and allow staff time to be devoted to higher priority activities. It is estimated the improvements in ACC paving, PCC paving and structural concrete will by similar to three full time equivalent (FTE) positions to field construction, field materials and Office of Materials. Elimination of EEO interviews will be equivalent to one FTE position. It is estimated that other miscellaneous changes will be equivalent to at least one other FTE person. This is a total five FTEs. These are conservative estimates based on savings that are easily quantified. It is likely that total positive effect is greater when items that are difficult to quantify are considered.

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