Asphalt Resurfacing Structural Research, HR-556, Construction Report, 1995

(1995) Asphalt Resurfacing Structural Research, HR-556, Construction Report, 1995. Transportation, Department of


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Discarded tires present major disposal and environmental problems. One method of recycling tires is to use finely ground rubber from tires in asphalt cement concrete (ACC). This process has been researched in Iowa since 1991. There are currently eight projects being researched. This project involved using crumb rubber modifier (CRM) in ACC using a dry process. This project is located on US 63 in Howard County. It involved 17 test sections. There were five test sections using 20 lb of CRM per ton, four test sections using 10 lb of CRM per ton and eight test sections using a conventional mix. Not only were different mixes used, but the overlay was also placed in various thicknesses ranging from 2 in. to 8 in. (5 cm to 20 cm). The project was completed in August 1994. The project construction went well with only minor problems. This report contains information about procedures and tests that were completed and those that will be completed. Evaluation on the project will continue for five years.

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