Ralumac Latex Modified Asphalt, HR-2041, 1994

(1994) Ralumac Latex Modified Asphalt, HR-2041, 1994. Transportation, Department of


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Some asphalt roadways tend to develop wheelpath ruts over time when exposed to heavy traffic. As the rutting increases in depth, the travel comfort and levels of safety decrease. A variety of remedies involving major or minor operations can be applied to eliminate ruts and renew the roadway surface. One of the simple remedies, called Ralumac microsurfacing, involves only a longitudinal band over the rut. For better coverage, ruts are filled initially and followed by a complete thin surface wearing cover over the roadway.

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Keywords: Asphalt pavements, Repairing, Ruts (Pavements), Wearing course (Pavements), Microsurfacing
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