Iowa Motorcycle Ride Meter, HR-1019, 1980

(1980) Iowa Motorcycle Ride Meter, HR-1019, 1980. Transportation, Department of


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The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) through the Highway Division is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of roadways that will provide a high level of serviceability to the motorist. First, the motorist expects to be able to get where he wants to go, but now he also demands a minimum level of comfort. In the construction of new roadways, the public is quick to express dissatisfaction with rough pavements. The Highway Division of the Iowa DOT (formerly Iowa State Highway Commission) has a specification which requires a "smooth-riding surface". For over 40 years, new portland cement concrete (pcc) pavement has been checked with a 10-foot rolling straightedge. The contractor is required to grind, saw or mill off all high spots that deviate more than 1/8" from the 10-foot straight line. Unfortunately, there are instances where a roadway that will meet the above criteria does not provide a "smooth-riding surface". The roadway may have monger undulations (swales) that result in an undesirable ride. The objective of this project was to develop a repeatable, reliable time stable, lightweight test unit to measure the riding quality of pcc pavement at normal highway speed the day after construction.

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