A Sufficiency Rating System for Secondary Roads in Iowa, HR-264, Volume II, 1985

(1985) A Sufficiency Rating System for Secondary Roads in Iowa, HR-264, Volume II, 1985. Transportation, Department of


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The goal of this study is to develop a usable sufficiency rating system for secondary roads. There are several assumptions that have been made at the outset. These are: 1. County engineers currently use at least a limited set of decision criteria to make decisions regarding project priorities. 2. Some degree of consensus exists among the county engineers in terms of which are the most important criteria and that there is some agreement on their relative importance. Accordingly, a questionnaire was developed which could be used as a survey tool. The results of the survey were used to develop a final list of weighted rating elements which were used as part of the proposed sufficiency rating system. State and local jurisdictions from other states were also surveyed to determine the status of the use of sufficiency rating systems for secondary roads outside of Iowa and to gather some applicable data.

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