Airborne GPS Final Report, HR-359, 1995

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The objective of this project was to use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the aerial camera location and orientation that best facilitated mapping done from aerial photographs without any ground control. Four test flights were conducted. The first test flight was performed in June 1993 at St. Louis, with the objective of testing the multiantenna concept using two antenna on the aircraft. The second test in August 1993 was conducted over the Iowa State University (ISU) campus at Ames. This flight evaluated the use of GPS for pinpoint navigation. The third test flight over St. Louis was flown in October 1993, with four antenna on aircraft; its objective was to evaluate the 3DF GPS receiver and the antenna locations. On the basis of the results of these three tests, a final test flight over the Mustang Project area in Ames and the ISU campus was conducted in June 1994. Analysis of these data showed that airborne GPS can be used (1) in pinpoint navigation with an accuracy of 25 m or better, (2) to determine the location of the camera nodal point with an accuracy of 10 cm or better, and (3) to determine the orientation angles of the camera with an accuracy of 0.0001 radians or better. In addition, the exterior orientation elements determined by airborne GPS can be used to rectify aerial photos, to produce orthophotos, and in direct stereo plotting. Further research is recommended in these areas to maximize the use of airborne GPS. The report is organized in the following chapters: (1) Introduction; (2) Photogrammetry and Kinematic GPS; (3) Analysis of First Test; (4) Analysis of Second Test; (5) Analysis of Third Test; (6) Analysis of Final Test; (7) Applications of Airborne GPS; and (8) Conclusion and Recommendation.

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