Thermoset Composite Concrete Reinforcement, HR-325, Part 1, 1992

(1992) Thermoset Composite Concrete Reinforcement, HR-325, Part 1, 1992. Transportation, Department of


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The feasibility of substituting fibercomposite (FC) (thermoset) pavement dowels for steel pavement dowels was investigated in this research project. Load transfer capacity, flexural capacity, and material properties were examined. The objectives of Part 1 of this final report included the shear behavior and strength deformations of FC dowel bars without aging. Part 2 will contain the aging effects. This model included the effects of modulus of elasticity for the pavement dowel and concrete, dowel diameter, subgrade stiffness, and concrete compressive strength. An experimental investigation was carried out to establish the modulus of dowel support which is an important parameter for the analysis of dowels. The experimental investigation included measured deflections, observed behavioral characteristics, and failure mode observations. An extensive study was performed on various shear testing procedures. A modified Iosipescu shear method was selected for the test procedure. Also, a special test frame was designed and fabricated for this procedure. The experimental values of modulus of support for shear and FC dowels were used for arriving at the critical stresses and deflections for the theoretical model developed. Different theoretical methods based on analyses suggested by Timoshenko, Friberg, Bradbury, and Westergaard were studied and a comprehensive theoretical model was developed. The fibercomposite dowels were found to provide strengths and behavioral characteristics that appear promising as a potential substitute for steel dowels.

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Keywords: Compressive strength, Concrete, Deflection, Diameter, Dowels (Fasteners), Failure, Fiber composites, Flexural strength, Load transfer, Mathematical models, Modulus of elasticity, Properties of materials, Shear tests, Stiffness, Stresses, Subgrade (Pavements), Theory, Analytical models, Failure modes
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