Iowa Development of Rubblized Concrete Pavement Base - Mills County, HR-315, 1995

(1995) Iowa Development of Rubblized Concrete Pavement Base - Mills County, HR-315, 1995. Transportation, Department of


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Iowa counties have tried to rehabilitate deteriorating portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements with standard overlays, placement of engineering fabric, rock, open graded bituminous mixes and cracking and seating. While these methods prolong the life of the road, the cracks in the old pavement have eventually reflected to the surface. One possible alternative for rehabilitating severely deteriorated roads and preventing reflective cracking is the rubblization process. The objective of this research project was to rehabilitate and evaluate a severely deteriorated PCC roadway using a rubblization process. A 3.0 km (1.9 mi) section of L63 in Mills County was selected for this research. The road was divided into 16 sections. A resonate frequency vibration pavement breaker was used to rubblize the existing pavement. The variables of rubblization, drainage, and ACC overlay depths of 75 mm (3 in.), 100 mm (4 in.), and 125 mm (5 in.) were evaluated. The research on rubblized concrete pavement bases support the following conclusions: (1) The rubblization process prevents reflective cracking; (2) Edge drains improved the structural rating of the rubblized roadway; (3) An ACC overlay of 125 mm (5 in.) on a rubblized base provided an excellent roadway regardless of soil and drainage conditions; (4) An ACC overlay of 75 mm (3 in.) on a rubblized base can provide a good roadway if the soil structure below the rubblized base is stable and well drained; and (5) The Road Rater structural ratings of the rubblized test sections for this project are comparable to the nonrubblized test sections.

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