Construction Automation Using Pen-Based Computers, HR-368, 1996

(1996) Construction Automation Using Pen-Based Computers, HR-368, 1996. Transportation, Department of


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The Iowa Department of Transportation is committed to improved management systems, which in turn has led to increased automation to record and manage construction data. A possible improvement to the current data management system can be found with pen-based computers. Pen-based computers coupled with user friendly software are now to the point where an individual's handwriting can be captured and converted to typed text to be used for data collection. It would appear pen-based computers are sufficiently advanced to be used by construction inspectors to record daily project data. The objective of this research was to determine: (1) if pen-based computers are durable enough to allow maintenance-free operation for field work during Iowa's construction season; and (2) if pen-based computers can be used effectively by inspectors with little computer experience. The pen-based computer's handwriting recognition was not fast or accurate enough to be successfully utilized. The IBM Thinkpad with the pen pointing device did prove useful for working in Windows' graphical environment. The pen was used for pointing, selecting and scrolling in the Windows applications because of its intuitive nature.

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