Alternative Flexible Overlays, HR-229, 1988

(1988) Alternative Flexible Overlays, HR-229, 1988. Transportation, Department of


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The objective of this project was to determine if any of several cutback and emulsified asphalt plant mixed and road mixed overlays had the ability to resist thermal cracking at low temperatures without inducing shoving and/or ruttinq at high temperatures. A 2.6 mile section of Osceola County road A-34 and a 7.0 mile section of A-46 were divided into 14 test sections of various lengths. After six years, results show an MC-3000 asphalt cutback cold mix can reduce the amount of reflective cracking when compared to an AC-5 hot mix. This can be done without inducing high temperature related problems. Cold road mixing can be effective in reducing cracking on low volume roads. However, more experience is required if the full benefits of road mixing are to be realized.

Item Type: Departmental Report
Keywords: Bituminous overlays, Cold mix paving mixtures, Cracking, Emulsified asphalt, Liquid asphalt, Low volume roads, Reflection cracking, Ruts (Pavements), Thermal stresses, Rut
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