Development of a Rational Characterization Method for Iowa Fly Ash, HR-286, 1988

(1988) Development of a Rational Characterization Method for Iowa Fly Ash, HR-286, 1988. Transportation, Department of


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This research project was conducted in an attempt to determine the cause of paste strength variability in Iowa fly ashes and to develop test methods to more adequately reflect fly ash physical and chemical characteristics. An extensive three year sampling and testing program was developed and initiated which incorporated fly ash from several Iowa power plants. Power plant design and operating data were collected. The variability was directly linked to power plant maintenance schedules and to sodium carbonate coal pretreatment. Fly ash physical and chemical properties can change drastically immediately before and after a maintenance outage. The concentrations of sulfate bearing minerals in the fly ash increases sharply during shutdown. Chemical, mineralogical, and physical testing indicated that the sodium, sulfate bearing minerals, lime and tricalcium aluminate contents of the fly ashes play important roles in the development of hydration reaction products in fly ash pastes. The weak pastes always contained ettringite as the major reaction product. The strong pastes contained straetlingite and monosulfoaluminate as the major reaction products along with minor amounts of ettringite. Recommendations for testing procedure changes and suggested interim test methods are presented.

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Keywords: Chemical properties, Fly ash, Hydration, Mineralogy, Physical properties, Test procedures, Variables
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