Vibratory Effects in Reinforced Portland Cement Concrete Pavement, MLR-97-2, 1997

(1997) Vibratory Effects in Reinforced Portland Cement Concrete Pavement, MLR-97-2, 1997. Transportation, Department of


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A double mat of reinforcement steel consisting of No. 5 bars was placed in the longitudinal and transverse directions in a 26' wide, 10" thick pavement. The bars were placed on 12" centers with 2" of cover from the top and bottom surfaces. The special reinforcement is to provide additional strength in the pavement over an area of old coal mine tunnels. Auxiliary and standard paver vibrators were used to consolidate the concrete. There was concern that over-vibration could be occurring in some areas and also that a lack of consolidation may be occurring under the steel bars in some areas. A core evaluation study of the pavement was developed. The results showed that the consolidation and the air contents were satisfactory. Additional paving with reinforcement in the same area should use the same or similar method and amount of vibration as was used in the area evaluated in this study.

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Keywords: Consolidation, Longitudinal reinforcement, Pavements, Portland cement concrete, Transverse reinforcement, Vibratory equipment
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