Maturity of Concrete: Field Implementation, MLR-96-1, 1996

(1996) Maturity of Concrete: Field Implementation, MLR-96-1, 1996. Transportation, Department of


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The result and experience of field implementation of the maturity method on 14 portland cement concrete (PCC) paving and patching projects during 1995 are summarized in this report. The procedure for developing reference PCC maturity-strength curve of concrete is discussed. Temperature measurement as well as effects of datum temperature, entrained air content and type of aggregate on maturity-strength relationship are examined. Some limitations of the maturity method are discussed. The available field experience and results indicate that the maturity method provides a simple approach to determine strength of concrete, and can be easily implemented in field paving and patching projects. The use of the maturity method may result in reduced project construction time.

Item Type: Departmental Report
Keywords: Maturity, Performance related specifications, Portland cement concrete, Strength
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