Evaluation of Asphalt Mix Permeability, MLR-90-2, 1992

(1992) Evaluation of Asphalt Mix Permeability, MLR-90-2, 1992. Transportation, Department of


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Efforts to eliminate rutting on the Interstate system have resulted in 3/4 in. aggregate mixes, with 75 blow Marshall, 85% crushed aggregate mix designs. On a few of these projects paved in 1988-1989, water has appeared on the surfaces. Some conclusions have been reached by visual on-sight investigations that the water is coming from surface water, rain and melting snow gaining entry into the surface asphalt mixture, then coming back out in selected areas. Cores were taken from several Interstate projects and tested for permeability to investigate the surface water theory that supposedly happens with only the 3/4 in. mixtures. All cores were of asphalt overlays over portland cement concrete, except for the Clarke County project which is full depth AC. The testing consisted of densities, permeabilities, voids by high pressure airmeter (HPAM), extraction, gradations, AC content, and film thicknesses. Resilient modulus, indirect tensile and retained strengths after freeze/thaw were also done. All of the test results are about as expected. Permeabilities, the main reason for testing, ranged from 0.00 to 2.67 ft per day and averages less than 1/2 ft per day if the following two tests are disregarded. One test on each binder course came out to 15.24 ft/day, and a surface course at 13.78 ft/day but these are not out of supposedly problem projects.

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Keywords: Aggregate gradation, Air voids, Asphalt content, Asphalt mixtures, Cores (Specimens), Density, Films (Coatings), Freeze thaw tests, Mix design, Modulus of resilience, Overlays (Pavements), Permeability, Strength of materials, Tension tests, Thickness, Film thickness, Indirect tensile test
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