Feasibility of Cooperative Development of Wetland Mitigation Projects, TR-526, 2006

(2006) Feasibility of Cooperative Development of Wetland Mitigation Projects, TR-526, 2006. Transportation, Department of


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The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) currently performs wetland mitigation on a project-by-project basis. At the same time, other agencies like the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Natural Resource Conservation Service are performing wetland restoration projects, and counties and cities may be mitigating wetland losses as well. This project examined the feasibility of developing cooperative wetland mitigation projects in order to utilize state and local resources more efficiently to benefit both Iowa and local communities. The project accomplished the following objectives: (1) Identified and characterized cooperative wetland mitigation programs nationwide; (2) Developed a needs assessment through a survey of state, county, and large city agencies in Iowa to describe wetland mitigation programs and determine challenges with mitigation and program improvements, including long-term risks associated with maintenance and monitoring programs; (3) Surveyed state, county, and city agencies and organizations to identify resources available for developing cooperative mitigation projects and procedures; (4) Developed a conceptual framework for cooperative wetland mitigation.

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Keywords: Feasibility analysis, Improvements, Needs assessment, Restoration ecology, Surveys, Wetlands, Wetlands Mitigation Program
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